Getting ready for the long weekend ahead

26 May

Can the time go any slower? Apparently it can, since its only 1:14pm (as I start to type this) and I still have approximately 3 more hours to do something at work. Don’t get me wrong, my desk is full of work and I have a To-Do list that will most likely take me the rest of 2006 and part of 2007 to top off. There is NO.END.IN.SIGHT.

But I just CANNOT bring myself to do any of it today. *sigh*

I guess is the thought that there is a 3-day weekend ahead of me and my body is just jumping out of my skin to get it going. Realistically, this behavior is only there, so I can get home and go to sleep in order to prepare myself for what is coming. The BFF is coming on up to visit and we have an activity pack weekend (for me). Saturday we are in for some shopping, a birthday party, which I have been told will be the “bomb”! (his words, not mine), Sunday we are hooking up with my sister and most likely get something started, unless the party is “the” bomb, then its recuperation time. Monday, at this time is wide open, no plans – BFF is very crafty in her ideas so I’m sure we will come up with something to do that will keep us amused.

If not, we can always resourse to laying out by the pool and having the mixer go on overdrive from mixing Margaritas.

For now this shop will be closed until Tuesday… (unless something so major happens that I will feel the need to run and blog about it)

You all have a safe and smashing weekend holiday!


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