Forgive me Father, for I have sinned: I’m addicted to my “Ex-Boyfriend” life drama.

2 Jun

Just so there is no confusion, my life is boring…, with a capital “B”… so of course in order to find interesting things to “vent” and “talk” about and “share”… I need to live thru other people drama and sagas – I mean it’s the only way to keep my life in perspective, because let me tell you my friends have drama with a capita “D”. And this makes me kind of glad that my boring little life is void of this kind of stuff.

Tonight, I saw MG (now the Ex) again. And I need to come clean… with myself and the world. I think I do meet up with him, not to play with his head (I never been good about playing games in the first place with people – I suck at it, since I’m the “let me tell you how it is up front” kind of person…) but because I’m addicted to his juicy details of a life, which, let me tell you, is filled… and I mean FILLED, over-the-brim-in-about-to-spill-all-over-the-place drama.

I should practice that “truth” thing that I mention above and just ask him straight up for the copyrights to “it” [his life] right now and write a TV scrip, who in turn, I will pitch to the major Hispanic TV networks so they can turn it into a soap opera – And I bet I will have a gazillion viewers tuning in every night, and it will be the talk all over the water cooler in the Hispanic supermarkets and hair salons – the amount of stuff that goes on this man life, its just too good to pass up, plus if I would not have “lived” some of this drama in the flesh, I would swear that you are giving me a load of crap.

The main cast list are pretty much the typical triangle… you have the man, the ex-wife and supporting cast are in this case the children and the “new” girlfriend(s). Man and woman meet, fall in love, run off to the sunset, get married, live happily, have 2 kids… suddenly, things turn sour (they often do), man and woman fight, fight and fight some more until one calls it quit, they get a divorce (a nasty one at that)… and apparently move on. But (cue in suspend music here) hell no! – Its not over – over, It can’t be – noooooo. Now, Ex-wife decides that she wants the man back and will go thru hell to get man back [and damn the consequences of her action – because she wants the man back – try to keep up!] the stuff the ex-wife does takes the following words “harassment”, “threats”, “insults”, “desperation”… and much, much more to a whole new level. In my 37 years of dealing with people, and believe me, I have dealt with plenty of crazies out there; I have never been witness to this kind of behavior from a sane person. I actually never meet anyone that could spit forth so much hatred and bullshit. This saga has casualties of course – the children are one. The man too of course, since he apparently has to deal with this on a daily basis (because he wants to, not because he has to) and indirectly whomever the man ends up seeing, since evidently this is the trigger for the ex-wife to go totally “loca” on him.

As you can see, fascinating stuff. And I’m the number one fan of this tale… so unless the “ex” tells me go fly a kite, I will continue to go back for a hit… because frankly some of this stuff you JUST cannot make up… and as I mention, my life is boring with a capital “B”.


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