Chica or Nena?

3 Jun

After a week long MIA episode… the NG (new guy) has finally resurfaced… all apologetic and ready to make nice. Good stuff, for me at least, since I will be the recipient of all that niceness… yum!

We spoke on the phone… something that apparently he does not like to do, and neither do I… my take on the phone: it’s a meeting tool, for a call that will be approximately 2-3 min long that will go something like “which house of crack (otherwise known to the world as Starbucks) do we meet up to turn up the dish?”, see, e.a.s.y. Of course, this does not mean I don’t make exceptions to the rule, like if the person calling is not within a 10 mile radius of me… then I will make the effort and yap away – but bottom line, it’s not my preferred method of communication.

So where was I? Oh yeah.. The NG and the yum factor. So, we finally spoke and caught up with what has been going on in the last 10 days since we last saw each other… he found a place to live, moved, bough furniture, decorated, bought more stuff, rearranged the house, bought more stuff (evidently, the man likes to shop) and worked 10-12 hour days. No wonder he has been MIA – I would be too!

So time was not wasting, since in less than 15 min of the conversation went something like this:

NG: I have missed you
Me: :::Laughing::: (I never know what to answer to this things.. In real life I’m really shy, trust me.)
NG: Yes, I so want to see you this weekend Nena. I want to soak you up, fill myself up with you.
Me: Uh? Soak me up? Fill yourself… *cough-cough*
NG: Yes, like take from you as much as I can, to keep me going for another week that is coming up… chica, you have no idea what you do to me.
Me: I do? (oh, yeah, can you tell… clueless! Completely)
NG: So do you like when I call you Chica or Nena?
Me: I like both (not so clueless there)
NG: Then I will call you “chica-nena”, until I find something better for you.
Me: Actually you can just stick with Nena. (I mean chica-nena sounds like a pet name or something)
NG: Then Nena it is. And “Nena” tomorrow night dress up; I’m going to take you and show you off all over town and pampered you silly.
Me: Got it, dress nice and get pampered
NG: Oh yes, you are sooo going to get pampered.

Obviously we are on to something here…. and the Nena in me likes it.


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