A popular Trend?

5 Jun

There seem to be an unspoken trend going around with the men I been dating lately… Besides of course the fact that they have NO IDEA what the hell they are looking for in a relationship of course.

The NG (New Guy) apparently is in the know how, yesterday he invited me to lunch and we had a lovely time (can you tell we are still in the “I like everything about you” stage? – don’t worry, I give it another 2-3 weeks for us to start showing our true self, and start to mess it up) Anyhow… I left him back to where his car was and took off to finish running my errands.

About 2 hours into these errands… he calls me up and tells me… “Nena, come on over here again, I got something I want to give you.” Now this is what I call a good seduction, if there is anything, besides chocolate, that catches my attention is “I got something to give you” phrase.

Him: “Just come over”…
Me: “On my way”

While I was driving I though… ohhh, maybe a kiss? No, no… maybe a piece of sweets? Nah… I thought for sure it was going to be a kiss and as I was feeling happy and excited, signing on top of my lungs… I could not wait to see him and my “present”.

I get there, and he pulls me out of the car and gives me a big wet one – Yeah me! Then he pulls me and walks me over to a corner, which is full of flowers, plants, scrubs, palms… and some other green thing which I was not able to identify.

Then he goes: “There Nena, take which ever one you like!”


Oh yes… He was giving me a PLANT! A FREAKING PLANT!

Remember this story? and how it ended?

I give it 4 weeks tops to die on me.


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