Yep, I have upgraded to relationship killer – watch out for me!

8 Jun

The plant lived another day… it was all nice an perky when I got home today… I did not want to take any chances and water the damn thing, just in case it started to sag again.

Unfortunately for me, NG is now going to be called NHG for “Not Happening guy”. This man has the worse schedule in the world… he is never available, and since I been for the last couple of weeks buried with work and other more important things going on in my life.. I was not to keen in noticing this bit of a hitch in his rosy horizon.

In the last week, the man has re-schedule 3 of our dates. Yes, he did call me with plenty of time… but this is ridiculous… I mean, he was the one that posted the ad in a dating site! Dating means being available for whom ever you like right?

Apparently, not with NHG… So, today I took the bull by the horns and basically told him… “I’m nobody’s second choice – regardless how busy you are… so we better just move on in different directions, thanks but no thanks”.

He volleys back with: “You are right, I really like you (uh?) But I’m just way to busy in my life right now, can we still be friends?”

Get a clue buddy… if you “really” like me… then you make the time! Be friends? That may be under advisement for now.

I think I’m on to something… It seems that I also do not have a relationship thumb, since I’m going for broke and killing them off one by one.

At this point the plant may as well die too.


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