Cheap Therapy

9 Jun

2 nights ago, I got together a la “Sex-in-the-City” kind of way with two girlfriends of mine (Italian girl and Support girl)… they are pretty new in my life, having met them in less than a year. But, the moment we were introduced to each other (in different occasions and by different circumstances) I got that instant “OH my god, it’s like we known each other F.O.R.E.V.E.R” buzz. We were girlfriend soul mates, as I like to call it.

Both are hilariously funny, smart as a whip, and beautiful and they get me … which is the most important thing, since believe or not, not many people “get me”.

As I sat there laughing over the jokes and the venting, and or course the good (and off the wall) advice… I realized that this is the first time that I been able to connect to my female side. My personality (heads up on this tip) tends to be bit forward, and bossy and pushy and sarcastic. Having said that, most of my pool of friends consisted, for most of my life, in the male variety. I cannot remember a time where I did NOT have more “guy” friends that “girl’ friends. I guess I just never connected to the “girl” part of me… I don’t have the patience to put up with the venting and the wining from the girls. I mean, comments like these: “I’m withholding sex” “Oh, he did not mean to cheat on me” or my all time favorite “He apologized, so what am I to do?” just take me to the edge of desperation – Its’ like WHAT???? Wake up and smell the reality!

Like I said, not a lot to connect with.

When I ask most of my “guy” friends as to the reason of my connection with their sex as to oppose of that of my own, Most come back with this “Monica, you just think like a guy, and its just easier to relate to that”. This I have learned over the years can be a double edge sword – especially with the boyfriends.

I had girl acquaintances… but again, only for short period of times. I have a BFF, who like me has the same personality trait, and she’s pretty much the one that has keep my “girl” center on track. But when I moved across the state and the contact between us, were far and few… I was missing my center. So when I met up with Italian girl and Support girl, it was like a drowning man to water. I soaked up their friendship. But, as we got to know each other I came to realized that I had changed over the years, now I do need to do the girl stuff: talk about the men we are or were dating, or hating, or venting our frustrations over the man we are or were dating or hating…knowing that I don’t have to say anything at all and they will capture my mood in a heartbeat, without asking questions, because they can relate. I also like the “lets-go-to-war with you” attitude. I know that just as they will dish out the truth, they will stand behind me no questions asked. “Oh, he did not! I will hold him down while you beat him up!”…




I \nwould not trade it for anything and I blame it totally on those Sex-and-the-City \nepisodes.


“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>Yes, I have mature and somewhere in the course of getting older, I have also learned to be more patient and understanding when it came to the “girl” sagas, I now understand it and look forward to them. Because my life is one big girl saga to begin with and we cannot be hipocrate either right?

I would not trade it for anything and I blame it totally on those Sex-and-the-City episodes.


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