And it starts…Welcome Alberto, step right over, now, be nice!

12 Jun

So baby Alberto …

is paying us a visit in the next few hours…

knock, knock,

who is there?: Alberto with a hurricane warning…

which may or may not change as the day goes by. We have seen lots of rain, gray skies and a bit of winds.. nothing to write home about – yet.

Expected forecast? CRAZY behavior in the next couple of hours: long lines at the supermarket and our local Lowes and Home Depots are probably going to get a big surplus of revenues, as people (most of the population of Tampa-Bay Area) are going to be running in and piling up on water, batteries, flashlights, and plywood … you know the things that should have been done months ago BEFORE hurricane season started.

Me worried? nahhh…

I’m hoping for a day off tomorrow from work….


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