My charming life

14 Jun

Let’s start with Alberto, he came to visit and he did play nice. His visit presents? lots of rain and some huffing and puffing… pretty much like the last couple of guys I dates… all fluff, but no contents.

I did thank him for watering my plants that were almost… yes, “Almost” dead… with this kind of soaking, I know that I can get away with not watering my almost not dead garden for about 5 days… tops!

I wish I could say I have exciting news… or great dating stories… but, nothing is happening in my life right now.

The only good thing is that I got a promotion at work (it was expected and pretty much instigated by moi I the first place, I pretty much placed the seed in the boss head to make it happen, so I was not very surprise about it. (Not bad skills I have right?), now this, of course, is very good, because it means more money the bad? it also means more work, tons of work.

The dating front updates? Nothing, all is quiet. The NHG (formally known as NG) has made numerous attempts at contact, and I have placed him on “ignore” mode… I’m curious to see how far he will pursue it, I’m guessing he will not make that much of the effort, since he did not make it when I was being easy, why should he have to work for it now? I call it as I see it. But, then crazier things have happen. The “x” is on vacation out of the country, (so he is ex-comunicado) so no stories on him. I do have some new blood in the works, but frankly, it’s not very exiting and apparently he is super busy as well. Honestly, I’m pretty much taking a break from it all.

And to round it off…

Today’s quote from our sponsor: my co-worker:

“I’ve been doing the balls and it’s been working.”

Yes, I lead a charm life – please save me!


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