Sometimes I still get surprise

15 Jun

Really quick post…mainly because I need to go to B.E.D pronto! Today I had a date with … I cannot think yet of a nickname for this guy… so we are going to go with “prospect”…

because he is that…

He was on time (on the dot)

He looked well put together, meaning he matched and all of his clothes look like they actually saw the face of an iron!

He was attractive, not in the “O MY GOD” its McDreamy in the flesh, but more in the cute geek way… we are mortals after all. I’m no Angelina Joile either.

He had good conversation, the kind that you could actually relate to and make conversation out of.

He was good at the compliments… I have not heard this one in a while, but I was surprise in how much pleasure it gave me to hear it again “Your picture does not do you justice, your eyes are just beautiful, I love the color, so green with speaks of blue, just like the sea”…. (I know, maybe a bit much? But, I really don’t care.. he notice that my eyes are actually two colors! Which means that he was paying attention!)

He was polite, but the most important part?

He had a great and I mean GREAT sense of humor, the kind that makes you pee in your pants…

and that folks is like honey to a bee… irrisistable to me.

We have a dinner date on Saturday – and frankly I’m looking forward to it.

Oh yeah.. the “x”, who is south of the border with his new girlfriend, wrote me an email detailing how his trip was going so far… now all go “uh?”

Yes, Sometimes I still get surprise


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