When to cut your loses in corporate America

15 Jun

So we find ourselves with numerous meetings between departments which of course create a frenzy of cross-departmental wars (who has the best presentation, the best information, the best presenter) and in some cases… the best crash and burns.

The big cheese of department A (lest call him the “big cheese” to protect the innocent here) request from the “all-knowing” analyst in department B collaboration – meaning please work on our department presentation which needs to have a series of graphs with statistical measurements.

The “all-knowing” analyst in department B works on requested presentation and it’s all proud of herself for putting these statistical graphs together and emails them to the big cheese.

The big cheese responds with the following: “My son just had the same graphs as part of his 8th grade homework. Good Job!”

The “all-knowing” analyst: “So basically you’re saying that I’m just a functioning moron, working at an 8th grade level?”

The big cheese: “Well, No. An 8th grader would not have misspelled, Copulation A”

And this bit of an exchange happen in front of people…. just so you can get the mental picture going there.



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