Something is up in the air….and I have a feeling it sticks.

16 Jun

Ok I use to be a nail bitter… I mean when I was small or young or whatever… I had a bad habit: I bit my nails… Not so bad that they bleed (I seen some people that practically take their nails off! – YUCK)… but, I use to bite them, especially when I was nervous, upset or worried about something going on either on my life or around me.

When I got to my 20’s.. I was able to curve this compulsive behavior, I followed a tip from a former co-worker who gave me this tip: “if you go and have them done, they look nice, and every time you want to put them inside your mouth, look at them and tell yourself “why would I want to ruin my $15 manicure???”

Yeah, I know…

But that shit worked and I started treating myself to a manicure every week… it was a small price to pay for keeping my hands looking their best… and there is nothing… And I mean nothing that turns on 98% of the male population that nice hands and FEET! (This is a proven fact, by my poll conducted to all of the guys that I know and went out with).

But, I was never able to stay with it either… I can go on long periods of not even thinking about biting my nails… but, eventually something happens, I chip one… or I file one and its at odds with the other nine nails… So my hands look weirdo out… Or I fall into the “I’m nervous, upset or worried about something going on in my life or around me” and go to town to bite down.

Two weeks ago? Beautiful manicure pink-summer nails… long, strong and proud to show them off.

Today? They are non-manicure bared-summer … short (extremely), brittle and NOT so proud to show them off.

Sometime is up… I can feel it! And I just cannot put my finger on it. So I’m on alert mode, because something, someplace and at some point in the near future the “other” shoes is going to drop and I have a feeling (and the nails) to prove it that I’m not going to like it one bit.


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