MIA for all the wrong reasons…

20 Jun

I wish I could say that I been missing in action because I lead a fabulous life and I’m surrounded by brilliant, witty people that all want a piece of me and I have become the most popular girl in the whole city.

Sigh….I wish!

I been working like there is no tomorrow, family events as well as girlfriend sagas and dramas have taken most of my time and to top it off, the little bit of dates (one – the “prospect”) that I was able to squeeze in did not rise to the occasion. There has been plenty of contact by others and I have some in the back burner that are in different stages on the first date ladder… but pretty much its touch and go at this point. And of course it does not help that I’m NOT making much of an effort because I so freaking busy with my BORING life.

So far here is the update on those that have made the first cut:

The prospect: went on date and had a second date planned. He called me up the day before date to inform me he had just been laid off work – YIKES! He is MIA, I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt, but I don’t think I will hear from this one any time soon.

The Doctor: total emails exchanged after he initiated the first contact: 4… I was the last to respond… so the ball is on his court… it has been 3 days … I’m sure we are either DOA unless he his bleeding on a ditch somewhere, I have put a DNR order on this one.

Army Guy: The most contact yet, emails, IM’s… the catch? He is somewhere in the continental USA practicing blowing things up. This concerns me, since me may or may not be sent to the “real” desert to blow thing up … and I do hate a long-distance relationship. Unfortunately, he seems to be the best one of the lot. I’m just riding this one out.

The Engineer: We had 5 emails back and forth and he seems nice (in paper)… I suspect he will be my next date, due to the fact that he is the only one available at this time. Of course he lives about 40 miles away from me (the next town over) so this may be a bit of a logistic nightmare. We will see. At least he makes me laugh, which gives him an advantage.

The upside to all of this… I have a total of 3 dinner parties in the works this week, plus a night out dancing… I’m sure something will happen for me to run home and blog about it.


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