Coming out of the dark

29 Jun

Ok.. I have keep you out in the dark long enough… as you can see, I been busy, busy, busy… sort of like the belle of the ball, except there were no price charming and no glass slipper either. But, we have made a bit of progress.

I got a promotion at work, which has keep me glue to my desk in the last couple of days, we have to look good don’t we? Plus, eventually the paperwork piling up will take over my world. I have to seriously take on the pile and make sure that I win the battle.
Friends have kept me busy too, between the coffee dates, the girlfriends’ night out, the dinner parties… It just has been non-stop!

Then of course there is the dating… and oh the dating… I have gone and posted my profile on two new sites… (not… that baby is out to pasture) and apparently by the looks of my inboxes, I’m very HOT, HOT, HOT. To the point that, for the fist time, I have to keep track of who I have talk to and whom I’m going out and with! Calendar anyone? So, you are probably thinking “Ok, so?”… Well all of these massive emailing and IM back and forth has brought to the frontlines the following contenders:

Let’s start with the “old” ones first:

The “Engineer” guy: remember him? I was right, following the emails, we went on an easy Saturday date and here is the take:

Looks: a nice 8, he is not too tall, but taller than me… if I wear heels, I will be taller, but that his problem to deal with, not mine. His body is nice… actually is very nice, fine and strong in all the right places… he was on time, polite, paid for the coffee and the pastry we had. He had good conversation, a great smile… He got my jokes and pretty much held his own. I felt comfortable and the beautiful sunny day made for a nice afternoon date. When we parted ways, he asked if he could call me again and I said yes. This was Saturday, and since then we have continue to email and speak on the phone, but not been able to nail down another face to face meeting. Told you, logistically, this will be a nightmare to maintain… There is a reason why I have stayed away from long-distance relationship, they suck.

The “Army” guy: another one from the past… as previously predicted… this was a no go. After I told him quite of bit of times that I was not going to call him first – (I have a rule (#4) and that is that I do not make the first phone call – yeah, it may be stupid, but I still need to hold on to some type of Emily Post decorum ok, plus they are my rules) he lost interest and have not heard from him since. I’m figuring he is still busy blowing things up.

The “I found God” guy: This was pretty much a burst from the second email, when he proclaimed his list of priorities as followed: God, Church and then family. I pretty much wrote him off the books. When I told him that my priorities did not include the white bearded man anywhere… it pretty much went six feet under.

The new guys:

The “young” guy: He is pretty new and 6 years younger, yeah, can you hear the rocking chair. I’m breaking a rule here (#8: not to go out with younger guys), but he has something about him that I just find completely irresistible. He is good looking and tall (6’3”!), very tall. For his age, his outlook about life in general is pretty much aligned to mine, which can only tell me the following: one: he is mature and knows what he wants or two: I’m immature and I don’t know what I want. We have set up the 30MCD (30 min Coffee date) at the local church of crack tomorrow. I’m really looking forward and extremely excited to this one – more on that later.

The “lawyer” guy: He is within my age group, seems to have his shit together, at least in paper. I had only 2 or 3 emails from him plus a short IM session. I believe we are still circling the wagon (the both of us). He has promise, and he has got my number, let see if he knows what to do with it.

The “experiment” guy: This one is tricky… after talking my sister suggestions that I may want to try venturing into another territory all together, I have made contact with someone that is way older than I would normally go for. He is the one that I had the least contact with, 2 emails and one failed attempt to an IM session. He looks good in paper, and has yet to pass the IM test. More on him later.

So there you have it, I been a bit busy… and if I play my cards right, even busier still, but I’m sure that I will come back with lots of stories to tell. You just have to be a bit patient, and tune back to this station.


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