The Jokes on me?

6 Jul

If I would be superstitious at all.. I would take today’s horoscope to heart… Since I got two dates lined up tomorrow….

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, July 6:
Just imagine: The thing that you’ve been seeking has actually been searching for you this entire time. This applies to a new career opportunity or a bright spark on the love front. Be open to all the possibilities.

First up to bat:

For lunch: the diver. I normally do not do lunch on the first date at all, but I figure we have enough in common to be able to fill out a 1 hour date, and since I have to be back to work, I got a perfect excuse to bail if it turns into a crash and burn situation.

For a PM coffee: The author (the experiment): we have been emailing back and forth and this guy has me peeing in my pants with his humor that I really looking forward to meeting him. I’m crossing my fingers that faith will not deal me a shit hand and make him a complete frog, thus all of my expectations will come crumbling down. So, today’s horoscope does give me a bit of a silver lining on a otherwise black horizon.

Stay tune for more later…I’m sure I can spring a funny story about either of them.


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