And the winner is….

8 Jul

The diver started off in the wrong foot. Due to an un-crossed of emails and unforeseen circumstance he missed our lunch date, thus making me it official: I had been “stood up”. And I have NEVER been stood up! He was a fast back peddler, since he fast made it up, but offering apologies and drinks and dinner. I held my ground, told him I had plans, that I would call him sometime. Besides I had the experiment up to bat a couple of hours later.

The experiment… He was on time, he brought me 2 of my favorite things, books and chocolate – He was fast off the gate. We had a great date, lots of conversation, he was funny and had topic after topic – all good stuff. I technically had a dinner date with my girlfriends… that were right down the street from us and I was fast standing them up! (The theme for today it seem). After they sent me a text message telling me to get my ass to the restaurant… I told the experiment that I needed to bail or they will be coming on to search for me. The time once more ran away from us… and yep, sure enough.. My girlfriends showed up. After a quick introduction, I told him I needed to really spend some time with them and that we could call each other up and plan something else. He said sure, no problem and we hugged and he left. Then I spent the rest of the night dishing with the girls about both of the dates: The failed lunch date and the apparently good coffee date.

Evidently the coffee date was not a hit with the experiment… since when I got home I found an email telling me he did not appreciate that I had set him up? WTF? And not only he did not appreciate it, I was “after tonight” (his words) “I was not for him”. No problem dude… I shot off an email telling him, hey I respect your feelings, but you were not set up and his assuming just made an ass of himself.


I just cannot believe that it is this hard!


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