Always, expect the unexpected

10 Jul

Over the weekend we have a bunch of “happenings”… Saturday, the diver called me up to apologize and to have him give him another chance. Since I was still pissed off about the childhood behavior of the experiment and I did not appreciate his backpedaling either.. I thought about it and say why the hell not – nothing else to loose and will get a least a coffee out of it – and we just cannot – CANNOT say no to crack.

We meet at the church of crack (i.e: Startbucks) and proceeded to have the best date ever… E.V.E.R! OMG, I was speechless, he is like from outer space. Sufficient to say, that the 30 minute date turned into a 7 hour date. Before we knew it we were closing the restaurant up – man I have not done that since my 20’s!

I’m not going to go into to much details, I may mess it up and jinx it. But we did see each other again on Sunday… and today we spoke on the phone, and we have a date for this Wednesday, and most likely the whole weekend is booked up.

I got those butterflies in my stomach and me likey… Here we go again folks… who is keeping the bets?


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