Yummylicious keeper

14 Jul

Let’s start off with this… I find this wrong in so many levels… I just cannot even begin to write about it. As alway, man is just a savage down at the core. We seem to forget they were here first.

This weekend will be full of eventful undertakings…

Lets start with Friday: My BFF is coming up from cubanland along with another friend who I have not seen in 3 years… so tonight there will be a LOT of catching up to do. And hopefully we can knock off a couple of margaritas along with it – my BFF is the world best and I mean BEST margarita mixer, trust me.

Saturday: We are celebrating my friends arrival along with throwing my “ex” new girlfriend a surprise birthday party. Hey, I know how it looks, but the evening was highjack, it started with a get-together that ended up being a surprise party – not to worry, the diver will be there, which pretty much will keep me busy most of the night. I got plans for that yummylicious man.

All seems to be going well with him, he is tall and handsome and funny, and sweet, and thoughtful and a gentleman (which just makes me come pretty much undone!). So far he is a keeper… a very good yummylicious keeper. Yes, me likey in so many levels.

Sunday: if Saturday goes as planned I’m sure that this day will be to recoup and chill out, which will be fine by me.

I can pretty much guarantee stories, so stay tune.


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