When drugs are good for you

17 Jul

Today was spent nursing god-awful cramps. The price one has to paid, for a nice eventful weekend I guess.

Saturday’s party was a hit, we had a good time and it was actually low key. The diver showed his stuff in the kitchen and we all pretty much reaped the rewards of his hard work. We have him pegged as the group’s chef. My time with both of my friends from Miami was well spent but way to short. I see myself taking a road trip soon into cubanland in the immediate future.

Sunday was lazy day and towards the night I was feeling run down and a bit of pain was taking me down… which ended in calling in sick today from work and staying at home nursing these awful cramps. Then I remember the pain killers my doctor had giving me after my surgery last month… and on to popping I went, which resulted on being knocked off for about the last 20 hours. Yes, I have pretty much meet my quote on sleeping for the month. Those blue pills really help. I’m awake (barely) and waiting another 6 hours to take another of those magic pills, so I can rank up another 10 hours of sleep, which I desperately need.

So see you guys on the other side – which means that I will probably come back to this station sometime on Weds. Don’t despair, I sure there will be more sicky stories to tell.


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