Your DO NOT GET POINTS for lies

22 Jul

Today, started as a beautiful Saturday day… I had a brunch date – yeah I know, you are probably wondering, what happen to your 30 minute date rule. I wanted breakfast and the IT guy (he has been one in the pipeline) and I been talking for about a week, I figure we could fill in 1 hour of conversation… so off I went.

But let me give you some background information first … (you will see where I’m going with this in a min.)

In the last month of so, I have come to make peace with my dating … I have pretty much lost all expectations on any of the dates. Since most of my dates are coming in from dating sites, I have learned that about 80% of those are all bluff and no context. Most do NOT look like their picture, which is pretty stupid on their part, since this is the first thing I’m going to see when I meet you, and if you lied about that, you are pretty much dead to me in the first 2 seconds of the meeting.

Ok, you may call me shallow… but it’s not about the look – I’m really not that big on the looks department, but I’m huge in the “LIE” department. Plus, if you need to lie about how you look, then seriously, you need h.e.l.p, since it goes deeper than the lie. To me it means that you are not very happy about yourself and feel the need to put up a total front – this ladies and gentleman is a red flag in any book. I mean we cannot all be beautiful (that is why Photoshop exist) and to think that we can it’s totally unrealistic. I mean be proud of what you look like, its you and there is one you in the world…ok, you may not be George Clooney, but you may have other aspect that will make you attractive and believe me I have learn that looks phase out – you can be skinny and then fat, you can be blond and then brunette, you can cut your hair or let it grow… you can go to a plastic surgeon and have a complete overhaul – I mean looks really DO NOT MEAN anything – because they can come and go. Now personality, values, belief… those things are important in my book. That is why I make a huge thing when it comes to these early lies, it just a deal breaker for me.

So when the IT guy showed up and he had to actually say my name in order for me to know who he was… yep, we had a problem – I never had brunch that fast before.

And I need to keep to my rules more often, no matter what.


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