The final showdown….part 3

28 Jul

After clicking the Diver’s ass… I called the next one in line, the New Guy who had left me a message, now the background information on him? Well since we stopped seeing each other due to his inability of being “available” for a relationship, we have volley back text messages, emails and have gone out on one to two coffee dates, but nothing out of the extraordinary… until last Sunday when he become an afternoon delight. What can I say; the chemistry is strong with this man.

So, after having the satisfaction of playing all top dog on The Diver, I was on high cloud and was feeling like conquering the freaking world. That phone call went like this:

Me: Hey you!
NG: Hola Nena
Me: you called me and left me a message? (of course I was going to play coy)
NG: yes, wanted to touch base with you and see if we can still match up this week.
Me: Of course, I’m game
NG: [Laughing], oh yes I’m game

Now, this is where the faith fairies (they sooo hate my ass) swooped down and intervened via technology. The static on the phone turn into screeching and it ended up something like this:

NG: so..[static], you [static].. mu..[static]… a..[static]
Me: NG, you are getting cut off, can you hear me?
NG: [static]..what?..o [static].. but…[static]
Me: Nooo, sorry, you are still getting, *dead air*, Hello? Hello?

Hang up, called him… Nothing, no ringing… called again… got the voice mail, left him a message to call me back.

Then I got home and did the usual routine, undressed, put on the stay-at-home-outfit, fixed myself a bowl of cereal, curse to the high above when I realized that I had no milk… then ended up eating a piece of cheese and a handful of peanuts. Then sat at the computer to read emails and no sooner did my computer automatically log me in my IM program, that following popped up on my screen (the following may offend some, since it has explicit context – you been warned ok!)

Dimple Guy: No Kickball?
Me: LOL..
no.. Actually, I just got home.. Undressing and once I hit home… it will be hard for me to leave again…
Dimple Guy: I’d like to undress u
Me: I bet you would
Dimple Guy: is that bad?
Me: what the wanting?
Dimple Guy: yes
Me: You tell me
Dimple Guy: No silly, I don’t think it is bad
Dimple Guy: you’re a fabulous kisser…..
Me: I am?
Dimple Guy: Oh yes
Me: well thank you
Me: You are not bad either…
Dimple Guy: Do you want me?
Me: yes I do..
Dimple Guy: Great
Dimple Guy: You had me excited in the bookstore
Me: all that frolicking eh?
Dimple Guy: frolicking
Me: oh yeah THAT
Dimple Guy: I like “frolicking” with you….
Dimple Guy: I’d like to “Frolick” with you more..
Me: we did not do very well in the conversation part…
Dimple Guy: Sure we did (UH???? Was he on the same date as me???)
Me: what color are my eyes?
Dimple Guy: Green
Me: you were paying attention
Dimple Guy: Hell yes
Dimple Guy: saw them right away…
Dimple Guy: and actually both are u lips are full and luscious not just the bottom one…..
Dimple Guy: and you have a very big sexy tongue…
Me: So I guess I passed the test…
Dimple Guy: A +
Dimple Guy: your accent is sexy and so are your freckles…
Me: shit… YOU were really paying attention
Me: guess you detail A LOT
Dimple Guy: I just liked what I saw….
Me: I thought you were not that interested… When we were sitting at the cafe… Guess It felt a bit force… But I guess you I peg it wrong
Me: I did not think you were going to kiss me
Me: guess I was wrong
Dimple Guy: Well i didn’t want to kiss you at that little table
Me: So I guess I made a good first impression
Dimple Guy: Yep
Dimple Guy: A “Hard” one to forget…..
Me: I did not think I had it in me to make a good impression by not saying much… I guess.
Dimple Guy: The chemistry was there for me, you didn’t need to say anything probably….
Me: I have no idea if that is good or not…
Dimple Guy: what do u mean
Me: I mean chemistry will take you far so much.. Then something better be there to maintain the interest…
Me: Not that chemistry is not important.. It’s very important
Dimple Guy: of course…
Me: I guess I was trying to feel you.. And I knew I had you with the physical chemistry… just was not sure I had you with other stuff
Me: guess… trying to see where it may be headed
Dimple Guy: We are going to have fun and get to know one another much better silly
Dimple Guy: that would be my plan anyway
Me: sounds like a plan
Dimple Guy: great…so when can we begin implementation of this plan?
Me: quick on the draw eh?
Dimple Guy: Do you want to wait?
Me: Well.. I like you.. I do.. and yes, the chemistry is there… but I usually don’t jump into anything right away..
Me: I just a bit concern that we will do that and then it will sizzled off
Dimple Guy: glad to hear that
Dimple Guy: I wouldn’t worry about that
Me: I mean even going as far as I did today.. now that is out of my norm completely
Me: but curiosity usually kills the cat… lol
Dimple Guy: I want you….to know you
Me: Ohh there is not a doubt on my mind about that…
Dimple Guy: about what?
Me: that you want to get to know me
Dimple Guy: Ok
Dimple Guy: so you are having a problem with what then???
Me: with nothing
Me: just cautious I guess
Dimple Guy: Oh, ok
Me: get to close to the fire you may get burn.. That is all
Dimple Guy: what do u mean
Me: Nothing.. its a saying in Spanish…
Me: So.. What next?
Dimple Guy: you should cook me dinner
Me: well dinner its easy.. I sure I can give you a steak and mash potatoes and you will be a happy crab
Dimple Guy: heck yeah
Dimple Guy: any home cooked dinner
Me: You are easy
Dimple Guy: so when u cooking me dinner
Me: when do you want me to cook you dinner?
Dimple Guy: whenever u want, Friday night good for you?
Dimple Guy: I bring the wine

We exchange address and directions and clicked off… done deal you said, right? Not so fast… Yesterday, I got this message:

Dimple Guy: Hello
Dimple Guy: I am going to have to back out of our dinner plans….
Dimple Guy: Sorry

Now you tell me if dating is not F*** up!



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