Yep, you are a "Moneo"

29 Jul

This past week has been mentally exhausting! The whole week I have been playing up my name meaning into overdrive! According to “the etymology and history of first names” “Monica” means “Advisor” from Latin moneo, it is most likely of unknown North African or Phoenician origin and for the religious fanatics sitting in back of the room, get this: Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine. Not bad right?

Now, I always been told by lots of people, those that know me for years and years, and those that have meet me briefly, that I tend to be a good listener and dish out good advice (see, the relationship???). I personally believe that I don’t give good advice; I just tend to be brutally honest with people and overly curious, (if you are going thru a problem, I will be all over that, like butter on toast!) Plus, one of my policy is that I don’t sugar coat what I see or hear, if you want that, go someplace else, I will NOT do that… I’m the person that will probably stick my finger on your wound, to make you see that IT will HURT!

Throughout my life I been entrusted with deep (and sometimes dark) secrets, I been part of surprises (don’t tell him I’m pregnant yet!), I have been called in for support systems central more than once. I really never minded, in fact being the go-to “person” kind of gave me a bit of self-importance (and that stays between me and all of you that are reading this)… it feels good that someone can trust you that much to tell you the most intimate details of your life.

That was until this week…

This past week I feel like I have worked more on my “advisor” job that my regular job, which ironically is supporting my team – HA! The JOKE is on me!

All of the sudden my friends just cannot fend for themselves, the ex-wives, the lovers, the ex-boyfriends, the girlfriends and the d.r.a.m.a. They have all come out in FULL FORCE. Nobody is safe! Not even me! Spending hours, upon hours on the phone, saying the same thing over and over and over again – yep its just going to eventually break you down.

And in moments like this, I take my own ultimate advice, which makes all of the bad, bad things go away…

Go into full vegetation mode for the whole weekend, don’t PICK UP THE PHONE and for crying out loud, eat more cake – this Doctor is OUT!


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