Flunking it.. with a big fact RED "F".

1 Aug

I’m mentally exhausted… plus I have come to that fork on the road (like I did last year) where I’m just so done with the whole dating thing, I think my body and my mind are technically calling it quits for me here.

Or maybe this bit of slap in my face from reality is helping me shut it down…

Last week I sent a total of 17 emails to prospect in the dating site, that now holds $19.95 of my hard earned money (ok, that is the total of 2 lunches, but its still hard earned money). In my way of thinking (I should have listen to this bit of a clue) I took the high road and convince myself that the best way to find a man was to slip into the “mass dating” phase and just send as many emails, as I can bring myself to do, to every cute and good-profile men I could find under 2 hours.. After hitting the “next” button about 100 times (my searched turned up 1000 prospects, including my “x” dating profile).

I narrow it down to 17. (that should have been clue # 2 to abort this crazy idea)

Out of the 17, only 4 have responded, one with the generic brush off # 5: “Thanks, but I’ve just met someone and want to see what develops.”… 3 have made email contact (nothing to blow my top over either), which have been answered by me and they are back in the email pipeline, waiting for a response by them.

And the rest? Those are still in the email black hole – no responses and with no signs of breathing in the horizon either.

So basically we are looking at (and correct my math if I’m wrong) … a 17% out of a possible 100%… and in my book that is flunking the course.

So it’s way time to drop this course.


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