Its to damn hot… it fries the brain

8 Aug

think it’s too hot for me to think too much. Or at least, that’s what I’m blaming this week’s (creative?) blockage on and you can see, I have not posted anything since Sunday. Anyway, below are some passing observations from the past few days. Don’t expect too much.

Leaving chocolate in the car, in this heat…is just stupid, even when you think leaving the car for 2 seconds is a good idea…because that is basically all it takes, 2 seconds for you to end up with one BIG gooey mess.

The church of crack (aka: Starbucks) does not always make the perfect Shaken Lemonade Ice Tea every time – I guess being inside the Target store has ruin their mojo.

It’s not a good idea to wear pants with lining in this smothering heat weather, you end up sweating and the lining sticks to your legs making you look all wrinkle and shit – too bad that we cannot come to work naked, it’s the only relief from actually melting.

A/C is your best friend. I’m waiting on somebody to come up with one of those genius ideas where you can actually walk around with a portable A/C on your person.

Project Runaway – IS THE! That shit makes me pee in my pants… I mean where else can you hear this kind of stuff: “I’m a squid without an ocean…” I give it a week before everyone is wearing a T-shirt with that quote plaster on it.

Sardine breath on your sister’s dog – NOT A GOOD THING!

Lemon pound cake with sweeten condense milk on top… Yum O! Yeah, I know, it’s like trillion calories, but remember, we are sweating off gallon of liquids every hour from this heat – so its allowable.

Bogging when there is no material to blog, does make you say the most stupid things.


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