I’m always awed by nice people

11 Aug

Today I got home, from a long day at work – and as I was pulling into my driveway, I saw a box by the door…

A BROWN package!!!! Whoo HOooo!

And ladies and gent, there is nothing that I like more in my life, besides chocolate and cake (of course) than presents, specially the ones that take you completely and unexpectedly by surprise. Like the pretty brown box sitting all soooo lonesome on the other side of my gated door…

I could not jump out of the car fast enough to see what was in store for me! It took me less than 2 minutes to be on the kitchen counter opening it up.. and this is what I found….

and if you remember this post, then you can picture me jumping up and down and doing the happy, happy, joy, joy shuffle all over my kitchen (yes, I know a recurring theme around these parts)

Ok, I know, I did hint that I wanted it… but, to have someone actually go out of their way, on their busy day, to order it and send it to me… Ohhh wow!!! wow!! WOWOW!!!!

…. then I read the card, and of course I felt a HUGE smile on my face… there is something much, much better than chocolate, cake and surprises in life and that is knowing that you have friends that care for you, that look out for you and that once in a while just spoiled you rotten! And those?…THOSE are the best of friends.

E – Thank you – you made my day! – Muauuuuu!


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