I’m being reel in… and I like it

16 Aug

Ok, Ok, I know I been hiding, but, you know what, bite me… It may seem like I do not have a life, but sometimes that non-existent life comes back and slaps me…

So, in reality…I really have NOT been hiding… I been busy – trying to find anything and I mean anything remotely interesting and funny, not the giggle, giggle kind, but the oh.my.god.i’m.going.to.pee.in.my.pants funny to post and have all of you guys in stitches.

Because, that is my lot in life: to be your class clown.

But I also know my limitations… I read a bunch of blogs (I really starting to think I have a blog addiction) out there and by god, the bar is set high. I know my shortcomings people. I cannot even think of comparing myself to the “Fishes” or the “Dooce’s” out there, not.even.close.

I know I can make my friends laugh. My family still does not understand the need for me to vent my personal life out into the internet to a bunch of strangers, so they are a lost cause. I also know reality and my reality is that my writing sucks, I’m a bad, bad speller and even worse, my grammar sucks (the big one), not even spell check can help me there. I’m surprise that I can understand the things I put down on paper.

But, where was I? Oh yeah, having nothing to blog about. Or in this case nothing funny to blog about, so I guess I will have to start with a tiny bit of news….

I think I caught myself a prospect, he is on the line (alive) and I’m reeling him in – sloowwwly. Yes, he may be a keeper (have you heard this before? Yes you have, but then this is my life and my blog is mostly about my dating life, so suck it up, there will be re-runs on this network). I think this one is a bit special and since I’m a bit superstitious, I my not tell you much about him, you know, in order NOT.TO.JINX.IT.

But I also know some of you will not stand for that kind of crap, so here are the highlights on date #1 with the Blue Hat:

  • He was on time…I was late (I did the polite thing and called him to let him know, he did the polite thing and told me not to worry.)
  • He was dress casual, I was dress all business like (it was right after work, no time to change) – He did the right thing and complimented me for looking nice (so points for me.)
  • When we first caught saw each other, he came towards me with the biggest and I mean the biggest smile on his face (I think he was thinking: THANK GOD, she is not a “dog”, I can breath now!) oh, and his smile? Spectacular! Which made me all giddy inside (I have no idea what was up with that, but I liked it).
  • He bought the coffee… I just looked all pretty (that is my job right?)
  • We sat and talked non-stop for 2 hours about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
  • We moved to the restaurant and talked for another hour.
  • He walked me to the car, and open the door… we made another date for Friday. I(if you know me, then you know this is huge for me – HUGE)
  • I took my ass home in the middle of a horrible, horrible thunderstorm with that stupid, annoying “I got a secret smile plaster on my face”…and when I got home he called to see if I was home safe and sound. (I was wet like a dunked cat, and did not care one bit!)
  • We talked another hour on the phone (a record for me, since I hate and I mean HATE to talk on the phone)
  • We made another date for Wed (we both agreed that we would be unable to wait until Friday)
  • Today we talked 4 times (and we liked it!)

I feel that we are both reeling each other in… And we are both liking it BIG TIME.

I guess I’m back on the swing, let’s hope I can hold on longer than the last time… we can only hope.


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