When you least expect it…

17 Aug
John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans.” The same is often said about finding what you were looking for when you least expect it. I never been a believe of love at first site, or soul mates, and believe me I should, I’m the most romantic person out there, for crying out loud you are bound to find a romance paperback in the pile of books by my nightstand, and those.. Those I read under twenty-four hours… but that is fantasy la-la land. In real life, don’t expect that Count on the white horse to come and carry you off to the great 50-room mansion then married you and live happily ever after (rriighhhttt).

Real life is filled by meeting the “one” or in this case the potential boyfriend thru the usual suspects: out at a single’s party (a meet fest if there ever was one), after being set up by mutual friends (who just knew they’d be “perrrfect for each other”), and of course through the internet (because there’s nothing unexpected about logging on, punching in your every requirement and having your perfect match spurted right out. Voila!).

But sometimes the “magic moment” still exists. (The romantic in me is breathing a sigh of relief!)

By reading my past post, I realized that for me the right one seems to fall on my lap at the very time when I’ve declared I really don’t want to be with anyone right now. And I meant it. Case in point: Right under your nose, the “ex”, and the “x”. All three of my last relationships have fallen on my lap when I least expected, because I’m just to busy living my life. And just as I started to think that all the guys were jerks, weirdoes or just discouraged by the fact that I had boobs and a brain, someone comes along and turned that all on its head.

Today marked my official second date with the blue hat.

Friday will be our third date… and if its anything like the second date is, I’m sure Saturday and Sunday will be sure contenders as well.

Oh and did I tell you… he is a phenomenal kisser!


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