Small (being the “key” word here) observations

30 Aug

Last night I took the 30 min drive north to visit the Blue Hat water hole… and these are just some quick observations:

Turnpike tolls? once word – Annoying!!!… I need to take my sun pass out of the box and bring it back to life… because the toll booth people, which were like a 100 years old, keep dropping my dollar bill as I handed it over to them – it happen twice! What are the odds on that?

Apparently the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, which is a revelation, since most of the speed limit in my city would never be allowed to go over 55 or even 65 (on the expressway). I guess since his town is full of retirees, the highway patrol is not worry about then going over 40, so it’s ok.

There is a problem when he tells me, “let me take you for a drive to see the town” and it was done in less time that my actual drive up to the town. ::sigh:::

Wal-mart will rule the world, I tell you. In less the 15 min (the time it took to see the “town”) I saw 3 super centers and one that was being built. Oy!

I got weak in the knees when I saw him step out of his front door and come to greet me. (I’m in trouble)

I did not want to leave and drive back home (BIG, BIG Trouble)

And we have a major breakthrough!

He got me a present… and I bet you cannot guess what it was?

Let me give you a hint….


even if I try

Ohh Joy!

But I can ….


It appears that, I’m now being converted (and in a very cunning way) to a NY Yankees Fan…

I can prove it too…

I’m wore it to bed last night

And not because it has his smell either.



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