Puff me out

31 Aug

Still sick (like a dog) … I figure that today I would feel better…

I figure wrong.

I figure that I could go to work and put in the 8 hours…

I figure wrong.

I lasted 4, then I just had to leave work early since I just could not breath, my blue pill was not doing the job it was intended, which was not feel all the aches and pains of the damn cold in the first place. It did not help that half way in the morning the A/C in our side of the office did not work, which made me break out in a sweat, and there is nothing worse in this world that sweating and dealing with a running nose at the same time. Ick!

Not to mention the panic that my co-workers showed over the fact that I even attempted to come into work at all. My take, I think they were very worry that my germs would be jumping out of my corner cube and just spread like wildfire all over the office and get them. So, when I picked up my bag and walked out of the office with keys in hand… All I got was “it’s about time, you just look terrible!” (I think I also hear a couple of “yahoos, she is gone!” comments, but it could have been the drugs making me hear things)

Yeah, feel that LOVE!

In other noticeable news….

“Puff” brand Kleenex are the best thing for your running, aching nose, I highly recommended them.


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