Sometimes imitation is not half bad….

31 Aug

Ok, so today, I stayed home again, I mean it was that or go to work and get the evil eye by all my co-workers until I was sent back home to cough and sneezed alone and not spread the “germs” around.

I sleep until about 10 am and then I sort of stumble around the house, I have no idea how the stay-at-home-mother or people do it because by 10:30am I was going dip-shit-crazy with boredom, I just could not hack it not having to do anything! I turned on the TV, saw that my TIVO list had shows but, I just did not feel like watching them (yet). I sat by my computer and IM a co-worker that told me that work was just the same thing … and that I was not missing a thing – not even the water cooler gossip. I read my favorite blog(s), then the newspapers, then I surfed the net for a bit and finally at 10:45am I knew I just needed to call in for help.

Dialed my mother, who told me they (with my sister) would be right over

Ahhh Company!

That lasted until about 12pm, when then I finally knew that I just need to bake… and what should I bake? CUPCAKES! But, not any cupcake, I had a craving for the best fake cupcake ever, which unfortunately could only be found in New York City.

Last year, I had a client that had an office by Union Square between University and Broadway… on the University side there was a Health food supermarket, mostly sold food buffet style (like every store in every corner of NYC) but, they had the best Chocolate cupcakes… OH MY GOD! They were the best, rich, and dense and ohm so chocolaty-y and they had this white frosting which was the bomb, just perfect, not to sweet, just right for the rich cake. During my orgasmic cupcake haze, I learn that these wonderful, rich to DIE-FOR cupcakes were vegan. I was shocked – VEGAN???? I mean, I’m a butter, egg and milk girl, I never knew that you can actually bake without any of those ingredients not being present at all. And that the ultimate cupcake was a FAKE? But, since I’m good a cheating, I continue to go and buy my fake cupcake and would eat one a day during my New York stay. When I stopped going to NYC on a regular basis, my friends would send me a care package with some and I would be in heaven.

Unfortunately, a couple of months back my friends informed me that the supermarket had close, a huge Whole Foods had open right on Union Square and I guess it was just to much competition. I almost had a hard-attack! NO MORE FAKE CUPCAKES????? The Hell! What was I to do?

Apparently Deal.

Since then I have been in search of “the” fake cupcake. I tried so many vegan cupcakes, some were good, some were bad, some were very, very bad… but none came close to THE FAKE cupcake in New York City.

Today, I just could not get pass the craving of wanting those fake cupcakes. And if there is anything I hate more is when I have a craving for something.

So I set off an internet search for a Vegan Cupcake recipe.

I came across one that sounded easy and pretty much close to it.

I baked them…

They are good, very, very good. Rich and moist and if you did not now any better you would think they were traditional chocolate cupcakes.

The craving is gone…

Are they even close to the NYC Fake cupcake?


But then imitation once in a while is sometimes not half bad.

The search will continue….


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