Freaking out? YES! Loving it? … the jury still out on that one.

5 Sep

Today, while sitting at work and looking at the window I realized that I hate the man upstairs… I mean 4 days OFF – FOUR and what we get? 4 days of RAIN, rain, RAIN and more RAIN! Today, the first day back to work and what we get? A beautiful Tuesday day full of sun, bright blue sky, perfect temperature it just scream POOL/BEACH day. Instead? Here I sat at the office listening to my co-workers bitch about the same thing over and over again and looking at the window and wishing I was just some place else.

And the day was not complete with this little bit of new…We got a brand new 24th year old intern. I can sense that he will be one of those that will interrupt you a trillion times a day. Today he came by my desk twice and must have talked over the cubicle non-stop for about 15 minutes. I had to tune him out by listening to my iPod with the earpieces. I need to put a stop to that shit right now, or I will end up with a cube-stacker.

The weekend other than being wet! Was great fun. Blue Hat came over on Friday and stayed until Sunday morning. I’m getting attached to him. Plus, we are so in tune to each other moods and feelings that is freaking me out big time. Today, I was talking to Italian friend about him and 10 min into the conversation the phone rang and it was him… his call made me feel all topsy-turvy inside, which in my world of adulthood – At-All.

I got it bad, since tomorrow I get to drive up to see him and I know for a fact that I have to wait another twenty two hours to see him. I would tell you the minutes and seconds but that will only freak YOU guys out.

And we know that we are all adults around these parts.


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