The best things in life sometimes are the simple things….

11 Sep

Case in point…

Sitting with the Blue Hat smoking a Delisioso cigar, enjoying a shot of Agavero Tequila liquor and talking for hours

Meeting the Blue Hat friends .

Hearing the Blue Hat introduction of me as “my girlfriend” (how that happen?).

Having someone else do the dishes.

Key lime pies!

When they leave the shower water running at the right temperature

Sunday afternoon filled with girlfriends, lots of food, drinks and plenty of men talk

Hearing someone tell you that they miss you, after they left you 10 minutes before.

Telling someone you care for them and hearing that they feel the same way.

Knowing that you would be taken care of no matter what.

Realizing that someone is out there, right this minute wishing they could be here with you.


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