Love / Hate relationships… there is something there..

26 Sep

So I plucked down and joined a gym… yes a GYM – hold on to your bets now, this time I’m serious (yes, I know you all heard this before, but this time is for real!

I have wanted to do this for a while, but my laziness factor keep winning out.

I needed a big kick in the butt to get me started….

And the Blue hat provided it….

The Blue Hat has a gorgeous body, all tone up and muscles everywhere, he is solid piece of rock (one that I like very much to touch as many times as I can, wait… that is another post for another time). So of course, when you are presented with that, your ego takes a beating. I’m not overweight, far from it, I’m a healthy weight (all height and weigh proportional) but in the past 3 years I have lost a huge amount of weight (yes huge and no, I’m not telling) and of course with that comes the lost of muscle mass. I’m pretty strong (I can beat anyone’s ass anytime) but, I’m not all nice and tone up. And of course, when you are face with a boyfriend that pretty much works out everyday and then comes and looks like that, your ego, my friends take a beating.

A BIG beating! It was time to fight back… fight, fight, fight!

So, I shopped around, tried a couple of free visits to the local gyms… and finally settle on the best one…

The one, that is going to make me $10.91 poorer a month. (I figure I could skip a lunch once a month to support this new habit)

The thing is that I had a dilemma on my hands. The Blue Hat does not live in my town, so he was out as a workout buddy, and it did not help matters that when I did bring up the fact that he could help me come up with a routine, or at least a cheat-cheat list of all of those intimidating machines starring back at me, he immediately told me that he does not mix his workout with his girlfriend, it’s a no-no. When I got over the shock of being workout dumped … he explained that if he acted as a trainer and helped me tone up, at the end, our relationship would suffer….Uh?

Yep, it would suffer.

Instead he suggested that I get my ass in the gym and hire a trainer, someone neutral, that could yell at me and make me a well oiled tone woman and had no strings attached to me, except to pull 100 crunches out of me no matter the cost.

Being the big push over that I am. I hired a trainer. And experience for the first time the love/hate relationship that you can have with a perfect stranger.

I hate him!

For his yelling, his taunting remarks, his encouragement, his orders to give him one more (I will give you ONE MORE buddy!) his snug look, like he is on to something and just does not want to share with me, who is sucking air like it was my last dying breath and creating a puddle of sweat right under me on the wood floor. HATE.HIM.

I love him!

I am going to have one tone up body at the end of this torture and I going to owe him BIG kudos for that.

All that yelling? Overrated…is not that bad.

Plus, the Blue hat was right. I prefer to hate my PT guts than his.


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