I work hard… so you are NOT allowed to take away my rights!

28 Sep

Ok… so up until today I use to take break during my 8 hour work day to check my personal email, read bloglines, post on my blog, and search for other blogs to read… I mean, this daily activity keeps me sane.

Today, I got a bit of a surprise… I got into work and while drinking my café con lech and eating my chicken empanada, I settle on my desk to read the happenings in my blog world… As I clicked on my link to my blogline account.. I got the ugly “block” window, for contents not allowable thru my work network.


Damn it to hell….the IT department is on to me.

I think I started to hyperventilate a bit… seriously, I think I did take the bag where my empanada came in and started to breathe in and out, and try to calm my panicky attack.

Does not IT know anything?

I need my daily blog dose, and not to mention, I need to post my stuff on my own blog as well… I have friends that live for my stupid, boring life! I cannot, I.JUST.CANNOT function without these breaks during the day. The breaks are my lifesaver, I need my breaks like little kids need their afternoon naps.

I need to see dooce daily picture of Chuck with something on his head. I need to read what the Fish is doing with sir Hal… OMG, I need my daily celebrity smack with dlisted and Fug… not to mention all those cooking blog that gives me inspiration to cook something for the Blue Hat. And there is no way I can miss Amy, she is my connection to my past Miami life.

And as much as I tried and tried again to access them, all of the above sites were giving me those horrible, ugly pop up window telling me it was “not allowable material”… every.time!

WHAT am I TO DO????????

We can start with Plan A: major suck up to the IT guys so they can remove the block and let us be!

Or Plan B: Go behind their back and find a way to get my access back…

and if there is anything that I’m really good in life, is finding ways to break the rules.


One Response to “I work hard… so you are NOT allowed to take away my rights!”

  1. Jon Griffith June 19, 2008 at 5:46 pm #

    Or plan C:, leave the corporate world and forge your own destiny.

    Unfortunately in these times, companies need to protect themselves against the rampant litigious habits of the modern American citizen. This is the first problem.

    The second problem, I support completely, and that’s the fact that you are using company property to do non-company related activities.

    Is this okay? Well, I think the IT department isn’t wholly at fault for removing your access, but at the same time, I think the executives at any company need to be better leaders by asking their employees to complete a task without telling them how to do it. You need creative freedom to complete your job as best you know how, and they need to give you some sort of freedom to stretch your mind beyond the mundane work that you face every day.

    Opening up your ability to express yourself and explore the world during work hours has to be one of the best ways to allow this. If there’s good, positive energy in the workplace, with progress and purpose all around, then the leaders of the company won’t have a problem with you occasionally discovering new things on their time…even on your break time. It’s too bad some people don’t get it…that’s why I ditched corporate america and started my career in Real Estate.


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