I can hear your heart

5 Oct

Today I realized that it has been 2 full month since I started to see The Blue Hat, and we have never actually “recognized” our relationship tittles. We been to busy living life and getting to know each other eccentricities (we have tons and they mesh well).

Today as I was visiting him, and he was telling me about his day, he was talking about his visits to his parents and during the conversation he said “so, I told my mom that my girlfriend had gotten them for me”…

uh? Wait, stop the ride, I want to get off!


How in the hell did I go from “girl that I’m dating” to girlfriend status?

Apparently, my shocked reflected on my face, since he ask me

“what is wrong babe?”

and I blurted out the most intelligent thing EVER!

“I’m your girlfriend?” (oh yeah cover those eyes!)

To where he answered: (all smiley-like)

“Of course you are my girlfriend and the best girlfriend that anyone can ask for too”.

Yeah, lets all go awwwwwwwww (not so fast).

Then I realized that he was waiting for me to give him back the same compliment… just looking at me all smiley-like… waiting, and hoping (I guess, because he looked like one of those puppies that sit, wag their tail and await the pat on the head and the good-boy praised)



I froze, like a deer in front of headlights, totally and completely frozen. He saw that too and saved me with:

“Don’t worry babe, I hear your heart”

And that ladies and gentleman, is the reason why the Blue Hat is my BOYFRIEND.


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