Perfecting the art of avoidance

5 Oct

The Blue Hat and I have master the skill in avoiding saying to each other the words that will move our relationship from the “dating” to “committed” point.

For those that have difficult reading between the lines: we are working very hard in eluding the great moment when we look deep and bring forth the “I love you’s”.

Now, I’m all for it hearing it, I will be a hypocrite if I sit here and not tell you that I want that moment, but true to myself, I want him to say it first… and that is my way of dealing with past hurts.

So, over the last few weeks we have fallen on this bit of a pattern when we say goodbye:

Either of us: “Well, take care of you”
(usually some kissing will occur, but I will spare you guys, there is enough sappiness in this post already)

Me: “I will, play nice with the other kids in the playground”

TBH: “I will, you do too, will you miss me a little bit?” (this is follow with either of us bringing our fingers close together to show a tiny bit)

Me: “I will miss you this much” (making the above gesture again!)

Me or him: “I like you!” (were we both look at each other and fall into gales of laughers – do not ask me why… DO.NOT, since I have yet to understand this shit myself)

Me or him: “Ok, so miss me a tiny, little bit ok” (more hugging, more kissing, blah, blah, I will stop now…)

As you can see we have it down pat…

The next step?

We may need to call the “sappiness police” now, because I don’t really know how far I can maintain this charade of avoidance.


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