Mentally Fried

11 Oct

Have you ever had those moments that as much as you try, things just do not seem to go your way? Yeah, I’m there.

For the past week or so I have felt that no matter what I do – at work, at home, with the family, with the blue hat, with friends… it just tires me out. And I don’t mean physically… I mean mentally.

I’m officially mentally fried.

I just cannot seem to function… my A game is just not there.

So much so and I can prove it to you…

NORMAL morning routine:

Clock buzzes at 5:45am… I snoozed the crap out of it until 6:00am. Jump in the shower, I get dressed, pack up my stuff (purse, lunch, coffee mug) and out the door I go, get in car, drive to office, sit a desk, try to wake up, start day. See, SIMPLE

This has been the same routine with a fried head for the past 2 days:

Clock buzzes at 5:45am… I snoozed the crap out of it until 6:45am. Run madly around thinking, “there is no way, no how, I can take a shower… no way!” spend 15 min going thru the closet for something to wear, change at least 4 times and end up with the original outfit., run to pick up my stuff, run out the door.. Sit in car and realized that I forgot my purse, run back inside… Get purse, run outside, sit in car, realized that I forgot the coffee mug, run back inside, get coffee mug, run outside, sit in car, turn on car… almost out of the driveway and realized that I forgot my cell phone… drive back into driveway, get out of car, run back inside, spend another 15 min looking for the cell phone… find it in the bathroom (uh?)… get out of the house, pull out of the drive way…make my way to the corner and realized that I forgot my lunch box…(shake the finger at the sky – because I can!) decide that is just now worth it and call it quits! And make my way to work, trying to figure out what the hell I can eat for lunch… spend another 10 min driving around the block trying to find a parking space, realized that I’m almost 40 min late into work…curse up a storm (show the finger up the sky, again, because at this point is just making me feel better). Finally park the car, run into work, sit a desk, realized that I want to cry, start day… and end up dealing with a bunch of stupid babies that get paid 5 times more than me and cannot even acomplish something as simple as archiving their emails!

Mentally F.R.I.E.D

I need a vacation – one were palm trees, a big ocean with nice big waves, a big umbrella and all the liquor that I can get at a moments notice is simply at my fingertips.

This my friends is what I need badly.


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