Friday Stupid move….I’m not feeling it.

13 Oct

What do you do when you bend over your desk (to pick up a peanut, which fell out of your hands) and hit your forehead (very HARD) on the edge of the desk?

You first yell “Al Carajo!” (Spanish equivalent of “F***”)

Then you look up (very fast, trying NOT to rub your hurting forehead) to make sure nobody witness that stupid move… or heard your forehead bone crushing over the cheap desktop. Because its Friday and everyone is on the prowl to pounce on something or someone to make the day go faster… and nothing plays better than having this to pounce on and make fun off. (we are all adults trying to get our inner bully out!)

And as much as want to be the clown today… I’m just not feeling it.

It must be the Friday the 13th thingy. And I’m sure that I’m going to be sporting a nice black and blue bruce during the weekend… can this day get any better?

Oh, no wait… I have to face my Personal Trainer in about 4 hours…

No.. it CANNOT get any better.


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