Meeting the duo… the official way… hopefully there will be no visible bloodshed.

13 Oct

I got yield into including the blue hat into a family dinner. How that happened, I’m still trying to figure out how I got involved into that and to make matters worse… I also got suckered into cooking the actual dinner. Yeah, it was a weak-willed moment – remember my brain has been working on “fried mode”…so I’m really not surprise that I got taken.

The Blue Hat has meet my family duo (who consist of the mother and the sister) in other occasions, but it was never in a official way… code word for “Not enough time to have them scrutinized the man” (not that it has stop them from commenting in other occasions… but this only happen based on first impression and not due to full blown assessment)

I never have gotten nervous when past boyfriends meet the “duo” officially. I usually use my family to see deeper into the man that I’m dating at the time – they have x-ray vision and can sometimes pick up things that I cannot even see. My family is a bit crazy and a bit nut about things, but, then who has a normal family out there??? I dare you to tell me yours does not have its own nuttiness (that we love, while in the fold, but we try to hide when it’s out there, like,

So this Saturday the duo will descend and sit (as a united front) and give the Blue Hat a run for the money. He will be deeply questioned, scrutinized, probed and dissected like those frog that we cut into in our eight grade class… making sure the cuts are clean, deep and then he will be placed under a microscope for intense evaluation of his worthiness. (I’m hoping for an A+.)

Will he cave in? Will he behave? Will he show acceptable conduct?

I have the utmost confidence in him.

But I won’t lie, I’m a bit nervous. I know that the duo can be one tough opponent and even the most worthy adversary can crumble under their weight when they join forces.

And the Blue Hat means the world to me.

Or maybe my bit of apprehension is the fact that I may find some imperfection instead of the duo. Because at the end, nobody is perfect until you love them.


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