Dreams & Nightmares….that blue pill packs a punch

19 Oct

So, I’m still sick and last night I took 2 blue pills – night time medicine, because I just did not want to deal with sleeping and waking up during the night on numerous occasions to wipe my running nose… the blue pills will be knocking me out and I wanted that.

What I did not want was getting the following dreams last night:

The “X”, jumping up and down in front of me telling me how happy he was… the catch to this one? Why was he dressed in high heels, full make up and in a nice green dress? – I’m not even going to try to figure that shit up.

The Blue Hat, handing me a ring, a brand new house, car, a great vacation and telling me that he has never meet anyone that complete him like I do. This one folk scared me enough to wake up and go use the bathroom.

Winning the big lotto and paying off debts, mortgages (for friends and my family), buying a house, a car, taking trips, and going shopping (for and with friends and family)…. This was is a recurring dream, so I was ok with this one – all was right in the world.

Opening my front door and having George Clooney hand me a UPS package – yes he was dress as the UPS guy. The package? I have no clue, I was to busy trying to talk the UPS guy to come into my house so I can jump his bones.

Chocolate Cake, and let me tell you it must have been very good cake, since I woke up this morning with my pillow full of drool, or maybe it was my nose running again with snout.

So, you see, I better lay off the blue pills, since it just makes for one mess up dream sequence and I just don’t have the brain cells, or the energy to sit and analyze this crazy stuff up.


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