What ever happen to getting me a nice box of chocolate?

24 Oct

The Blue Hat has caught the vegetation bug… and it has nothing to do with food.

About 3 weeks ago he showed up with a bouquet of flowers… I think they were some type of baby lilies, all nice and purple and white…nice pretty flowers…

uh, yeah…Remember my not-so-green-tendencies?

So, I smiled, kissed him and took the beautiful flowers from him and set out to tender and lovingly do something with them. I mainly filled a container with water, trimmed the stems, and then set them up in some type of simple amateurish arrangements. They looked even more beautiful on my crystal vase (which I got from another flower arrangement, which pretty much died on me in 2 days flats). I set the pretty display on my nightstand and prayed that they would last at least over the weekend, so the Blue Hat would not be on to me and detect that deep down, I’m “the” flora assassin. (I’m sure that I’m wanted somewhere in “green land”.)

The made it to the first night…. (sigh of relief could be heard through the vegetation kingdom – I’m quite sure)
Then… a second day and night… (Hooray for me, I passed the danger zone!)
The third day… and night… (Now, this was fast becoming the Immaculate Conception, I tell you!)

The simple bouquet ended up lasting…hold on to your hats people:

T.H.R.E.E. weeks… yes, THREE freaking WEEKS!

If I did not see it with my eyes, I would not have believed it either.

This past Friday, I finally had to throw them away, they were falling all over the place and they no longer looked all nice and sprightly. As I was giving them the RIP send off and turning the garbage disposal… The Blue Hat showed up with another bouquet, this time roses! Now, I ask you…what ever happened to a nice box of chocolate??? I needed to have a conversation with this man!

But, I was inspired by the endurance of the previous bouquet, so I took the same crystal vase, and set out to do the same routine as before, clean water, trim the stems and one easy amateurish arrangement… they ended up looking like this…. (this is proof people!)

Not so bad if I say so myself.

Today marks the forth day of its existence… would I be so bold to hope for another 3 weeks lifespan?

I can tell you this, so far so good and I’m keeping my fingers crossed – so is the Blue Hat (I finally broke down and told him about my executioner tendencies with anything in the plant life category)

But, I cannot lie, they make me smile every time I see them and yes, I have talked to them…maybe the crazy talking is what’s keeping them alive?

We will see… we are down 4 days and counting.


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