How do I get into this situations, I never know.

27 Oct

I never been good at math… in fact I hated math in grade school, then in middle school, were I really took a dislike to (I owe that to the mean math teacher in my 8th grade, because of her I got punished most of the summer that year for flunking) the whole concept of making numbers come out right. Then in high school, the nightmare continue with algebra and calculus… then college came and I decided that for the better of human kind (me and the teacher) I was going to avoid any math related class like the plague…as you can see – I.really.really.hate.math.

So you may wonder why in the hell, have I been doing physical inventory at work for the past 2 days?

One: I was automatically volunteered by my boss (I got a bone to pick with him)
Two: I could not come up with a good enough excuse to get-out-of-it. (I’m getting rusty)
Three: I wanted free breakfast and Lunch for two days. (I auto-talked myself that it would not be that bad)

Yeah, right… here is what really is going on:

Breakfast and lunch have sucked (big time) for the last 2 days… so much so, that in both days I have gotten upset stomach aches and today I just could not keep it down. Not.pretty.

The inventory/stockroom is one messy, dirty little place and I feel like I need to take a shower with Clorox to get the sticky, dirty feeling off me.

Counting, Counting, Counting, and more freaking counting. I’m about to go batshit on my co-workers soon.

The free T-Shirt I got, makes me look sick, it clashes with my complexion, making me look horrible, thus making me feel worse that I’m already feeling.

And talking about sick…I’m still sick with the cold from last week, I’m still feeling the remains of a stuffy, congested nose and lack of sleep, not to mention the major “dragginess” feeling that I been carrying around for days. I need a MAYOR VACATION.

If I see one more calculator, one more green counting sheet, one more stock number, I going to have to start screaming around the stock/inventory room and convince my team leader that I’m seriously loosing it and need to be excuse from this nightmare.

The only bright thing of the day?

There is only 4 more hours left, before I see the BF and we are sooooo going to practice some major TLC tonight.

Because… I really, really, really needed it!

Have a good, safe and scary Halloween weekend everyone!


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