Vegetation day incoming, get ready, set and GO!

13 Nov

In two weeks we will be celebrating the official pig fest holiday, otherwise know as Thanksgiving. And it’s only 2 weeks away, 11 days to be exact – ELEVEN DAYS! In eleven days most people will be running around planning the menu for the day. Some will be standing in lines after lines at airports to catch a plane to take them to the official pig-fest location. They will be enjoying the “family” and wishing that it would be over, so they can stand in lines after lines at the airport to catch a plane to return home and forget that it even took place in the first place.

Me? Since I come from a country were we do not celebrate this holiday, my family has never celebrated this American holiday. I was usually the “friend” that filled the guest chair in some of my friend’s parent’s houses.

To me, this holiday means something greater than sitting in a room with a bunch of strangers trying to figure out the family secrets, while pigging out on bad food. It means two whole glorious days in full vegetation mode.

And I.just.can’t.wait (I’m so counting the days).

BF has his family affair, which I cleverly got myself out of. My roommate has to go to her pig-fest with her family, which means that I will have one day where I can just lounge and play major catch up on my TIVO show list, finish the book that has been on my nightstand for the last 2 months and if I feel like it, finally watch the DVD from Netflix that have been staring at me for the past 3 weeks. This day while most of country is cutting potatoes and basting turkeys… I will be walking around in my PJ’s, eating, watching TV, reading and enjoying my day alone.

And I’m so counting the days, hours and minutes to this… because as much as I love spending time with family, and the boyfriend and friends. I sometimes need to recharge and the only way to do this is all by my lonesome.


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