El Conejo!

17 Nov

Every since I can remember we had animals in my house, dogs, cats, birds, ducks even chickens (yeah chickens) but no matter what, we always had a dog and it was a Boxer. We did have a moment of deviation in the 90’s where we adopted a non-boxer dog – I cannot even recall what it was, but it was crazy! We eventually saw the light and went back to our beloved breed of dog.

Some people may not think so, but Boxers are very happy, high-spirited, playful, curious and energetic dogs. They are highly intelligent, eager and quick to learn, but sometimes can be stubborn and sneaky. They are constantly on the move, and usually bond very closely with the family. They tend to be very loyal and affectionate; Boxers are known for the way they get along so well with children not to mention other members of the household.

It has been said that the name Boxer came from the way the Boxer likes to use is front paws for just about everything. If you have ever watched a Boxer go about his business you may have noticed the way he paws at his toys, food bowl and you for that matter, in a very playful cat-like way. Some Boxers have been known to paw at their food or water bowl if they are empty. Playfully barking, pawing and playing with the bowl, flipping it upside-down and putting their front paws on the top of the bowl, sliding it around the house barking and whining until someone fills it for them. It looks like a silly game, but the Boxer knows what he is trying to tell you, he’s hungry! The Boxer’s nature is to protect you, your family, and your home. Known visitors will be welcomed boisterously. They are always keen to work and play.

About 10 years back my sister decided to start breeding them and off she went … we got 2 females – Pataruca (Ruca for short) and her sister, who did not stay to long with us. We got the sire, a beautiful fawn male, cocky as hell and named him Napoleon (because even though he was short, he stood tall and proud and had an attitude to boot) My sister got 3 litters out of Ruca and sold each of them, except one white boxer who we named “Cocodrilo” (crocodile) – eventually it because “Coco” for short. My sister actually gave her to my mom.

Coco delighted us, her personality always came out, playful, always trying to speak with her eyes, sweet and lovable, you could not get on the couch and get comfortable since she was going to stare you down until you gave her the ok to join you and when she did, most likely it would be to splatter herself on top of you and then give you one of her looks that you could not resist. She loved to play with stuffed toys and no matter what it was, we called it “El Conejo” (the Rabbit) and she would search high and low for it all over the house when we would screen (like the crazy people that we are) “Donde esta el conejo” (where is the rabbit”). Along with her mother, Ruca, she was pampered and loved.

Boxers tend to live about 8 to 10 years and for the most part is a healthy breed. The only known problem they tend to have is Hip Dysplasia and in some cases deafness.

In this respect we have been very unlucky pet owners, since none of our boxers have died of old age… all of them usually developed something medically wrong with them and we have been very conscious of not letting them suffer and usually had made the decision to let them go when the time comes. I guess we loved our pets too much to even phantom making them go thru unnecessary pain.

Last year, my sister had to face the decision when Ruca got sick and was in distress. Today she had to do this again with Coco.

A couple of days ago, my mother and sister came home and found her lying and unable to get up and walk. After calling a friend, who was a vet, she diagnosed that Coco probably hurt herself jumping on something and had a pinch nerve – lots of rest and she should be recuperating in a couple of weeks. Easier said than done. After days of trying to see if she was better, my sister crumbled and took her to the best vet in town. Who keep her overnight and today gave her a super-duper test to find out what really happen and why it was taking so long for her to bounce back. Not good news. They found a tumor in her lungs and the vet told her it inoperable. My sister and mother, regardless of their feelings made the decision to let her go and not wait for the inevitably to come.

I admire my sister for that, she has always been the one that makes these decisions and in most cases is the one in the room when they are being put to sleep. Which is funny, since my sister has the biggest heart when it comes to animals (who did you think brought the chicken to the house in the first place?) and its very sensitive to their hurts. I know that I just could not do it. I look at my 2 cats and wish that I can put a stop in time so they can have a life span of sixty or seventy years!

So Coco, be happy were ever you may be, and make sure you give them that look so you can get on the couch and lay splatter right on top of them and once in while look for the rabbit, I’m sure they are many where you are right now.


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