Are we still in Florida?

22 Nov

Ok… I’m seriously wondering if I am still living in sunny Florida? Or did we get beamed up to the north, because is just way to cold out there…

This morning temperature? – 37 degrees… THIRTY SEVEN!

I looked like I was back living in the north of Italy: gloves on, hat on, winter (YES WINTER) coat on not to mention that I was wearing wool sweater and a scarf! I was freaking freezing! And the temperature during the day, went up only 20 degrees (still to cold for my blood)

And to top it off, it seems that the rest of the week looks about the same in temperature:

Tonight? 40’s
Tomorrow? 50’s
Turkey day? 60’s
Weekend? 70’s

so that means one thing is left to do: Stay in, order take out, watch movies and TIVO list, snuggle to BF, drink hot cocoa and stay in my fuzzy PJ’s and slippers, because there is NO WAY, that I’m venturing out there – with my luck all that yo-yo temperature will get me sick.

Now back from my la-la land, since this week and weekend, I will be playing host to my best-chica, who is coming up to this cold city from down under-Cubanland, or otherwise known as Miami, to spend the turkey break with me, BF and the duo. This will be the first time she meets the BF, so I’m waiting patiently for this feedback, she is a great judge of character plus she will not take any of my bullshit when it comes to glorifying my relationships with the male species.

BF has not been given the heads up, because that will just ruined the whole experiment.

It should make for an interesting outcome.


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