Mapping out the early escape out of work…

22 Nov

Today about 80% of the workforce at my job will be slacking off (like me) (since the other 20% were sensible and saved up (not like me) enough vacation time to take 3 days off, thus combining with the 2 days we get already, thus getting the whole week off and slacking it off at home) I started to brainstorms way to get out early from work – I mean come on, someone is expecting to actually do work today?

So today as I was driving to work and really, really hating those co-worker that planned ahead of the game to get the week off, I started to plan my escape plan…

7:45AM: Arrive at work late (ok, not so late, but not early either) – I had to stop to get a café con Leche, or else everyone would have felt my wrath today, even I!

8AM to 10AM: Spend most of the morning, drinking the before mention Café con Leche, slowly and at leisure, while flipping thru my personal emails. Answer an email from a friend that I have not heard from in like a freaking year – so it gave me time to bring her up to date on my life, which took me about 1 hour to do (maybe not so boring after all) She does have me beat, since the last time I saw her, she has gotten married and had a kid – points for her. Boo ho, for me.

10AM to 10:15AM: Spend the later part of the morning, trying (I swear on my mother) to get some work going, I had a spreadsheet that I was updating for one of my Directors, but I just could not get pass row 145, column B. Answer another email from a friend who sent me a joke, which made me laugh and spit café con leche out of my nose.

10:20AM: Received a e-card from BF, making me laugh till tear came out

10:22AM: Took a call from BF, who called to say that he was counting the hours till we would be together – yeah, all go awwwwww!

10:30AM: Went back to the spreadsheet… no luck, still in row 145, column B.

10:35AM: Italian girl sent me an IM asking why in the hell the time was slowwwwly crawling
Spent the next 5 min IM back and forth – ignoring the spreadsheet

10:45AM: got up and walked to vending machined to buy a coke, filled up the glass with ice, walked around the long way back to my desk, to see if I could at least kill off 15 min.

10:48AM: Shit! It took me only 4 min to do the above? Remind myself to walk slower.

10:50AM: can it go any slower? Logged into my email, cleanup my spam folder, read my another email from a former co-worker who now is a mommy and she sent her 2 year old birthday party pictures – shit, she has put on weight! Resolved to never have kids if it means putting on the pounds.

11:00AM: Back to the spreadsheet – success! Now in row 147, column C

11:15AM: Back to the ‘net to read the Survivor recap in Television without pity – laughed my head off.

11:25AM: Logged into my bloglines account and started to read blogs, saw that most were about everyone taking off for the thanksgiving weekend – I hate them!

11:45AM: Spoke to my mother over the actual food menu for our impending 4-day stay at the duo’s house. Got suckered into cooking tomorrow.

12:00PM: NOON time! Read email from HR director telling everyone that we can leave early today – whoo hoo (now I can officially take off, as to non-officially, making it look like I’m taking off official like)

12:15PM: Italian girl and I spend the next 5 min trying to come up with ideas of what we wanted to have for lunch. Ended up with Pizza (for her) and nothing for me.

12:30PM: Started to write this

12:45PM: IM Italian girl pointing out the fact that the f’ing clock seem to have stopped since it was not moving!

12:46PM: Got answer back to the affirmative

12:55PM: Decided that my desk is pretty cool, played with my hoops&yoyo stuffed toys (got nothing folks, I think I actually had a small shut off and took a snoozed)

1:05PM: Realized that I was still writing the post and there was still 45 min to kill before I finalized my NOW official escape.

1:35PM: Finished this post, since I got nothing and will need to start to pick up desk, go to the bathroom for one last stop before I take off.

You all have a good turkey day! I’m off!


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