Ready to play in the big league

6 Dec
So, I have been absent … you may wonder why….

And I can tell you that it has not been because…

I won the lottery and I’m traveling the world with a private pilot and a score of servants (a secret dream of mine – but probably everyone’s else’s too) or the BF won the lottery and we are traveling the world, or I have run away to a deserted island to hide out my flunk, or I been a work getting piles and piles of project (no dice, but close) or I been lazy (I wish!)…

But, nooooooo,

I been absent because my desktop computer has decided that it had enough of my shit and just went and died…YES DIED! Can you believe the balls of that equipment? She dared, DARED to! The person that has feed her with great programs – not fake stuff! I have baby-her by cleaning her insides as well as her outsides, I have protected her from all the bad, bad viruses in the internet world by giving her a firewall strong enough to take down the whole world with a single click of the mouse.

And how does she show her appreciation?

By refusing to come out and play and instead insisted in playing hard ball by giving me a nasty black, blank screen this past Sunday morning and to top it off, has not come out of her funk since then. And no matter how much I have sat and talk pretty to it… it has refuse to reboot her ass back up. I have given up and called in the big-guns and I’m letting them handle her ungrateful attitude… and I’m pretty sure they are not going to be so considerate and nice. I’m preparing for the worse but hopping for the best… so in the meantime I been ex-comminicata. If the big-guns fix her, I will be paying her in kind and selling her un-thankful parts (who said I have to be loyal?) to the first buyer and then go romance a shinny new “white” apple that I had my eye on since last year.

Because I love and I mean, REALLY, REALLY LOVE them Apples…I hunger after them like a fat kid does cake and we all know that cake is the

I had enough of the PC experience. I ready to move to the big leagues and I’m planning on doing it with this baby:

Of course I will need to dish out the big bucks to get it and oha and ahhh over it. And that is where my wonderful friends come in! Because I know you all love me, the question is how much? And I’m ready to put it to the test. In 14 days I will be celebrating my birthday and since I’m expecting some pretty things from all of my friends, I decided to beg each and everyone one of them to forgo buying me a present from my wish list and give me the cash you were thinking of spending to keep me happy. And I will spend that cash to obtain my obsession and since I’m not one to let the opportunity pass, I’m going to beg until I’m pretty blue in the face.

So… If you are thinking of getting me a big present for my birthday and Christmas… Head over to the Apple store and use that cash to get me one of these.

Pretty, pretty, pleeaseee.. With a big cherry on top…


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