Sometimes the bad brings in the good…and the begging? In full force!

7 Dec

So the bad-ass-computer guru came and poked and probed and open my computer’s bad ass right up and did his thingy in there… taking things apart and turning things off and on… all while talking and drinking a bottle of Sierra Mist.

After about 1 hour of all of this multi-tasking… he was ready to give me the verdict:

The bad news…

The Monitor? Shot to hell – which is not surprising, since I paid like $125 for it – refurbished about 5 years ago, I’m surprise that it lasted as long as it did. This 21 inch monitor now has to end up in a landfill somewhere because there is just no way to save it. And I’m just to lazy to dispose of it the environmental way. Who has time for that?

The computer board? Apparently it is done… as is way over-done, like a bad steak off the grill. And this was the culprit that led my computer to act all crazy like and catch a major case of Alzheimer’s Disease since it could not put its thought in order because, the board was like dying all the while, sort of like losing your brain cells little by little and with it the ability to make things work. (I would go bat-shit crazy too)

As soon as he gave me this explanation all I could do was swallow hard and ask the inedible…

My stuff? Like my files, my pictures.. My iTune music library?

Gulp! :::closing my eyes and crossing all of the fingers and toes::::

And there came the bit of good news…

The hard drive? It’s all nice and safe…somehow safe from the bad grilling above.

Can you see me doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance? Yes you can!

Because all of my photos, my files and the most important thing of all… my iTune library? (Did I mention how that is really, really important? I did? Well take that up a notch and you can understand the reason why I was jumping up and down like a kid with a secret). Yep, all SAFE and SOUND.

So my iTune music and my data and my pictures are all safely tucked in bits after bits of data in the hard-drive. And the angel from the great heaves above – aka: the computer guru, said that all of the data can be transferred to an external drive (which I have) and I can access it on my old laptop, that I took out of its case, dusted off and put back to work, as in writing this and surfing the ‘net (because nobody and I mean nobody can go a day without being able to surf the ‘net – I dare you to find one – dare you!) and read blogs.

And that bit of news confirms that I now have a green light to pursue my obsession and get the Apple Book and all the great goodies inside. Of course the only way to do this is by obtaining the funds needed. So I need to go back to fine tuning the art of begging to everyone within 2 feet of me that I really, really now need this… because, seriously, nobody can go a day without surfing the ‘net and reading blogs.


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