Not so crappy after all….

19 Dec

In 17 hour (ok make that 16 hours) I will be celebrating another birthday… how did it get here so fast? Not a clue. I mean…it’s not like 2006 has been a great year, in all purposes it has been a year that started good then it sort of went crappy, then it got better and it’s ending in a so-so note. In the corporate world people it will be a half ass year, no we did good, but no profits to show for. And if you do not agree here is a basic timeline:

After dating a crap bag of guys, 2006 started with a bang. I was starting to date a great guy, who I thought was the one, fell in love (sort off), then it turned out that he was not such a great guy after all, broke it off, cried a bit (ok a lot!) curse up a storm and wonder why me??? (Yeah, what can I say it had to have drama, or it would not be me). Then I dated a bunch of other guys, who keep me entertained (as well as you). Then towards the end of the year meet the now existing BF, who is still in trial period but getting better and better as it goes and I’m getting antsy and antsy along the way . Let’s give the love category an ending of about 80% on the scale of crap vs. no-crap.

End of 2005 I got the raise I wanted. 2006 started with a promotion and another raise. Got piles and piles of additional work, which surprisingly has keep me form getting much sleep and still counting pennies at the end of the month (yeah, a financial guru, I am not!) and in need of begging for another raise (2007 goal). I also got more team members to baby-sit and keep the peace. But all in all, I really cannot complain, since it was pretty good all around. Work category has an ending of 99% (because I’m still broke).

This was a surprise category. I found out that I have such great friends, (I could run a roll call but it will take up to much space and I would be afraid of leaving anyone out. Now I know how those stars feel come Oscar time and their speeches!). But, these friends? WOW, I just got an awesome friend base. They have come to save my ass so many times and shown time and time again how much they care about my well being. Along with the old friends, I got new friends that have keep me same for much of 2006 and that I would NOT know how to go on without them. Special mention goes to Italian girl, whom I got in the breakup from the “x”. I soooo lucked out on this occurrence, because once in a great while a friend comes along that just fits and she is the frosting on my cake. And most know that the cake is good, but with the frosting it’s 1000 times better. I need to thank my “x” for that. So on the scale of crap vs. no-crap – 100% non-crap.

There was the trip to Paris, France who I had a blast … not only with the trip itself but with the company (the best friends EVER!)… this was such a great surprise and such a needed break from my breakup with the “x” . It could have not come at a better time. But then any trip that involved using your passport is major all the way thru even without a breakup. Scale points? 100%

Ok… We got along, we fought, and we screamed, we yelled, we made up and then we started the cycle all over again – 2006 was full on family drama 101. But my family? I cannot even begin to image living without them, they are my rock and as much as we have our differences and as much as I run away from them (many times) they are still my lighthouse and will always bring me home safe and sound. Scale points 1000%

So 2006 has come and will be gone – and ok, not such a crappy year after all. But then if I don’t get cake tomorrow all can go to hell.


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