What does thirty-Eight feels like after eight hours?

20 Dec

Ok… I been 38 for 8 hours (I was a morning baby) and so far I have gotten a trillion phone calls from friends and family, a gazillion emails for everyone, a couple of presents from co-workers, not to mention about 5 singing “Happy Birthday’s” (very off-key too!), one lunch invite, two dozen red roses from BF … so basically I have found out that people really, really like me… they DO!

Oh yeah and lest not forget:

Memo to my biological clock:
Concerning that dream last night of having babies… being pregnant and loving it…


It’s not happening now or anytime soon… I’m not ready to be running around after one of those screaming, wiggling thingy’s… I can barely run around after myself when I’m screaming and all wiggling!

Now on to the PM activities of this birth day… because I hear cake calling and it’s a sweet, sweet music to me….


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