The art of giving….its about getting what you (ok, I) want!

21 Dec

I have no idea why people are turned off by the art of giving cash or gift cards. In the long run, you are saving yourself tons and tons of headaches. I mean we all know how hard is to shop for people out there. With endless and endless choices is can be daunting, not to mention the waste of time when you do it the old-fashion-way. You jump in and fight the mad crowds, the shops, the stupid traffic and put more time than a man with a prison sentence in finding the most perfect gift for that perfect person and then at the end, have it blown in your face because it’s not what they wanted in the first place. And we all know what happens to THOSE gifts…right? (Yeah somehow you get it back the next year, freshly wrapped!)

And that is why I’m a huge advocate of the wish lists, gift cards and of course the all powerful green mula is not bad either. I mean how easy can it be? Seriously, now a day, you can pretty much get a gift card for anything… and I mean ANYTHING… want a vacation? Gift card! Want a car? Gift card! Want a massage from the shop in the corner with the tinted windows? Gift Card! You can even get multiples ones in a one-stop convenient shopping location! My local CVS Pharmacy? They have like, the mother of stations of gift cards… Anything from restaurant to America Express to local stores, even gas cards… Yes GAS-CARDS! (Did you ever think we would be buying a gift certificate for GAS in our lifetime – bet you not!) And the best part EVER? It’s all right there, in one place… It’s like virtually shopping in 40 places at the same. Beam me up Scotty!

My family and I have been doing the “wish-list” route for a numbered of years now… I think it stared when I was about 12 years old and my mother told my sister and I, you each get one present this Christmas so you have to choose – I think I still remember my mind (if not my mouth) open up and think/say: WHATTTTTT? Oh yes, money was tight and Christmas was about to become a casualty that year. So we wrote down what we wanted in a list, posted on the refrigerator and hoped for the best. I did get one gift that year…and it was the one that I really, really wanted. And you know what, it was not so bad. I mean somehow I favored getting the one gift that I really wanted instead of numerous that will be forgotten in the shuffle. And so from that day forward, family tradition was born. Each year, we each posted “the” wish list on the fridge and knew that we will each get one gift for the holidays. Then of course the wish list got fancy and I advertise it for not only family, but friends using the internet… and sanity was born out of a month of chaos! I encourage friends to join in the movement, because it made sense and made my life easier (which is all about that in my world).

So when my mother went on the hunt these past weeks to get everyone to pluck down their contribution to my MacBook fund, my friends were well season to the idea. So much so, that yesterday I received a good amount to cover about 80% of the cost of my new lover (I’m so excited by this that I think I may break out in cold sweats!). And that is what the holiday season (and Birthdays’) is all about, giving what they want, not what you think they want. Because who in the hell needs a small burgundy towel with the saying “happy holiday’s” embroidered on it? Or …the “oh” so cutesy (NOT!) bear holding the mouse wearing the red Christmas hat candle? That is not going to help you write anything on this here blog… if anything it will spill cheap wax all over the place.


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